At KatzAbosch, we put the highest priority on the development of a friendly, talented, and expert team within a positive and supportive environment. Our partners exemplify the highest level of excellence in setting this industry standard.


Mark R. Cissell, CPACEO & President, Director

Alvin D. Katz, CPACo-Founder, Director

Joel B. Charkatz, CPA, CVA, CFEDirector

Michael L. Gentry, CPA, CCIFP, CCADirector

Steven A. Gershman, CPA, PFSDirector

E. Terry Grant, CPA, CCIFP, CCADirector

Mark C. Kelly, CPA, PFSDirector

Mark E. Rapson, CPA, CGMADirector

Anita M. Sheckells, CPA, CCIFP, CCADirector

Arlene R. Thayer, AAAMPExecutive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

M. Kent Thomas, CPA, CCIFP, CCADirector

Tim Ward, CPA, CGMA, MSFDirector


Michael J. Agetstein, CPA, PFSShareholder

Jane M. Brewer, CPA, MSTShareholder

Christine M. Clingerman, CPA, CCAShareholder

Joanne C. Gretz, CPAShareholder

Kristin N. Hucht, CPAShareholder

Lori K. Kirk, CPAShareholder

Roberta S. Kodeck, CPAShareholder

Clemens W. Mueller, CPAShareholder

Adrienne G. Schlenker, CPAShareholder

Ryan D. Sturm, CPAShareholder

Claudia R. Wolter, CPA, CCIFP, CCAShareholder


James F. Eaton, III, CPA/PFS, MBAPrincipal

Krista A. Hickman, CPAPrincipal

Johnathon W. Heller, CPA, MBAPrincipal

Katie Fortwengler, CPA, MBAPrincipal

Kristin Bailey, CPA, CCIFP, CCAPrincipal

Dina S. Bernstein, CPAPrincipal

Nathalie Griffin-Ames, CPAPrincipal

Amy Heim, CPAPrincipal

Chad J. Seifert, CPA, CGMAPrincipal

Key Members

Kate Krupey, PMP, MCSE, MCITP, MCTSChief Information Officer

David T. Witherspoon, MBA, CVA, CEPADirector of Advisory Services