Agreed-upon Procedures

When the accounting services you require are regarding specific accounts or procedures we help get the job done quickly and efficiently using mutually agreed-upon procedures. During such an engagement we report only on what has been requested and do the work in a specified manner. Faster than a full consult or comprehensive audit, agreed-upon procedures engagements can get your information quickly and easily applied to other accounting services after the work is done.

Audits, Compilations, or Reviews of Specified Elements of a Financial Statement

Similar to an agreed upon procedures engagement, this service allows us to report on a piece of the big picture to get you relevant information and save you money.

Surprise Examinations Under SEC or State Custody Rules

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and certain state regulatory agencies require that investment advisors deemed to have custody of client funds undergo an annual surprise examination. We have the expertise and experience to perform such examinations.

We also perform surprise examinations in accordance with the requirements of the Maryland Office of the Attorney General and in accordance with SEC and/or COMAR, when applicable.

Other Attestation Engagements

These services include reporting on information such as internal controls, various compliance or other non-financial information.

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