Fraud is a serious problem for all organizations, especially during difficult economic times when employees, vendors and others are finding it more challenging to cope with inflation and job insecurity.

The idea behind anything “forensic” is that it is done in a manner thorough, professional, and well enough to be used in court. An audit can be done for many reasons but the point behind forensic accounting is to see more than just numbers, understand what they mean, and interpret that into reality.

A firm involved in forensic accounting does the work of investigating and analyzing financial evidence and then effectively communicates their findings in reports, collections of documents, or other appropriate formats. These reports and the forensic accountants who compiled them may then be called on to assist in legal proceedings.

The purpose of a fraud examination is exactly what it sounds like. If your company has suspicions of something amiss in financial or accounting documentation then finding an accounting firm with a certified fraud examiner is the first logical step in resolving the issue.

A fraud examination requires skills that go beyond the simple expedient of tallying numbers and accounting for funds in an appropriate and legal manner. A fraud examiner must have the insight, skill, and training to seek out and find discrepancies even if the truth has been purposely obfuscated.

Our firm is a leader in all financial services and has the resources and training to successfully investigate your personal or business records to uncover problems or potential losses.

For 40 years, KatzAbosch has been recognized for our superior performance and quality service in affairs of finance as they pertain to forensic accounting matters. Our long-standing relationships within the legal and insurance communities throughout Maryland are testimony to our proven track record of achievement.

KatzAbosch, will help maintain and enhance the health and safety of your operations. Business owners, attorneys and insurance companies throughout the Baltimore region and beyond rely on our knowledge and ability to assist them in a wide variety of forensic matters.

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