When doing business across borders, or competing in several jurisdictions, complying with local tax laws, reporting requirements and statutory filing requirements can become a full time job in itself. In addition to compliance in our world of increasing global competition, the key to success is keeping your tax strategy responsive and aligned with your total business strategy – while keeping an eye on your international effective tax rate. 

Our International Tax advisors can assist you with:

  • Expatriate tax
  • Inbound and outbound transactions
  • U.S. Tax impact of foreign activities

KatzAbosch’s sister company, BlueStone Services, can help you make the necessary arrangements to set up international subsidiaries for your business. To learn more about how BlueStone Services can help click here.
International Tax Accounting Services - learn how KatzAbosch can help

Mark Rapson: MD CPA Specializing in Medical Practice & Life Sciences

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