Excellence in an industry often begins with how those closest to the company—its clients and employees—feel about it.

Dealing with and preparing your taxes is an unavoidable task in life no matter the size of your company or individual with complex tax needs. In this fast-paced, ever-changing business environment, the last thing you want to worry about is your responsibility of filing your taxes.  Income tax preparation can seem like a burden but in reality, is a necessity. If properly planned for and managed, the process can be handled in a very positive way through KatzAbosch’s diverse tax service offerings.  One of the best ways to manage tax issues is to plan for them.  At KatzAbosch, our tax approach begins with a thorough understanding of the many complexities that affect your tax situation.  And, as the laws continue to change, we stay informed and updated, bringing you the most accurate, informed guidance and strategy.

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What sets us apart from others is our focus on education.  Your tax obligation should never be unexpected. We teach clients what to look for from a tax perspective.  We’re here throughout the year – not just at tax season – to help clients grow their business and surpass their goals.

Business Tax Planning and Preparation

Thorough tax planning is the most effective way to limit the negative impact of taxes in your organization. If something has been properly accounted for in advance, it is unlikely to pose much of a problem or become a burden when the time comes.

You can always benefit from assistance from a professional financial advisor during tax planning, no matter the nature of your business. Good tax planning will help you maximize your liquidity and cover costs. It also helps prevent the loss of valuable opportunities due to preventable negative cash flow. KatzAbosch can provide tax planning to determine the best business tax strategies for your company.

High Net Worth Tax Planning

Thorough tax planning, whether for you or your business, is the most effective way to limit the negative impact of taxes in your life. If something has been properly accounted for in advance, it is less likely to pose a problem or become a burden when the time to pay comes.

For high net worth individuals, we often recommend creating a separate business entity for certain investments. When deciding when to invest, it’s essential to consider all aspects before doing so. This could include additional tax compliance reporting, the type of income that will be generated (whether passive versus non-passive or self-employment versus investment), and estate planning implications.

Estate & Trust

The administration of an estate can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task.  The process involves not only locating and distributing assets among heirs but also preparing various reports and returns, including those leading to tax refunds. KatzAbosch’s Estate Administration group’s technical expertise can help lead you through the choppiest waters and avoid potential difficulties.

Often working in conjunction with attorneys, KatzAbosch can assist you in estate planning to achieve your goals while minimizing your taxes.

IRS Audit Representation

The event of a tax audit for your company or individual finances requires trained professional representation. We can handle the entire process and help minimize any interruption to your business or regular life. We can handle IRS, state, and local examinations.

International Tax

When doing business across borders, or competing in several jurisdictions, complying with local tax laws, reporting requirements and statutory filings can become a full-time job in itself.  In addition to compliance in our world of increasing global competition, the key to success is keeping your tax strategy responsive and aligned with your total business strategy – while keeping an eye on your international effective tax rate.

State and Local Tax (SALT)

Many state tax authorities have become very aggressive and are increasing their audit frequency. In addition, some states are implementing new statutes designed to close perceived “loopholes” and enhance state tax revenues. From tax planning to compliance, the KatzAbosch SALT team helps businesses identify their potential risks and take advantage of state tax opportunities based on this changing tax landscape.

The KatzAbosch SALT team closely monitors all state tax law changes so we can help our clients with their tax compliance burden and find ways to minimize their SALT liabilities. We understand state tax law and can help your business through the SALT jungle.

Tax Consulting

Our professional tax consultants provide strategic planning services in a complicated tax environment. We take a proactive approach with our clients by being knowledgeable about their business and delivering tax-saving opportunities.

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