For organizations seeking to innovate and implement a practical process improvement plan, KatzAbosch is here to help!  We have successfully assisted the healthcare, construction, and real estate industries (to name a few) with creating a process improvement plan that is customized to each and their unique needs.

Our process improvement consultants will analyze your organization’s operations and provide advice on how your organization can save money, become more efficient, and exceed customer expectations. Led by a certified Lean Six Sigma process improvement expert, we will help you identify the highest-value opportunities, focus on the most critical challenges and help you create a strategy that will set you apart from competitors.

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Processes are fundamental to an organization’s culture. They define how things are done and why they’re done that way. And because organizations are constantly changing as they respond to internal and external pressures, continual process improvement can be hard to stay ahead of.

Watch the short video below to get the inside scoop from our professionals about how to leverage a process improvement consultant for your operational needs and the benefits that may result.

The Benefits of Implementing Process Improvement Methodologies:

Increased Customer Satisfaction

A business implementing improved processes and better quality control should see results in delivering a better product. That, in turn, will lead to more satisfied customers.

Greater Customer Loyalty

Satisfied customers are customers who will stay loyal to a brand and return to make future purchases – as long as the product remains consistent in its quality.

Improved Bottom Line

Happy customers generate referrals and result in repeat consumers, all of which translates into an increased revenue stream.  Reducing waste in processes, moving the work product through the system more quickly, and eliminating bottlenecks all reduce costs which increase the bottom line.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Employees rally to a common cause. A sense of camaraderie is created by working together to improve the workplace that helps employees feel empowered and engaged. Unlike companies where management flounders, incorporating these process improvement strategies, offers leaders a chance to clarify and streamline their message. Additionally, it allows them to lay the foundation for developing the next generation of leaders.

Ready to Discuss A Business Process Improvement Plan for Your Company?

Whether you are a business owner, an executive, or a team leader, there are many ways that our process improvement consultants can help you craft a powerful plan for maximizing your operations and implementing a plan for success.

For more information and to discuss how KatzAbosch can support your continual improvement process, contact KatzAbosch’s Lean Six Sigma expert, Claudia Wolter today.

Claudia R. Wolter, Maryland CPA, Shareholder at KatzAbosch

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