Many businesses get bogged down with administrative functions, preventing them from placing their time and focus on actually growing and improving the business. For this reason, KatzAbosch developed its sister company, BlueStone Services.

BlueStone Services provides organizations with outsourced solutions for their accounting, human resources, and administrative needs. We strive to help our clients improve their business processes and free up their time so they can focus on what they do best. Let our BlueStone team support you with:

  • Outsourced Accounting (including 1099 form preparation, bill payment, business setup, classification, compliance, deprecation maintenance, cash flow and financial statement preparation, general ledger maintenance, invoicing, reporting, tax preparation, and training)
  • Outsourced Human Resources (including long-term HR support or project-based support for small to midsize organizations)
  • Middle-Back Office Support (administration solutions to support your operations for your private foundation, investments, and/or family office)

Whichever services you select, you will have an outsourced team of professionals whose experience and know-how will create operational savings and efficiency opportunities. Solutions range from complimenting your existing staff to outsourcing your full function if necessary.Outsourced Accounting Services - learn how Bluestone Services can help

What Types Of Businesses Can BlueStone Services Help?

Business owners and other professionals in the HR and financial data departments of companies of all sizes benefit from working together with BlueStone Services.

Most often, our services and solutions complement the following:

To learn more about any of the services offered by BlueStone, schedule an appointment to speak to one of our Senior Team members or visit our website by clicking here.


Trey Gailey, Maryland CPA & Principal at KatzAbosch

Primary Contact