KatzAbosch provides a wide range of specialized services to government contract accounts. Our experienced financial professionals offer our clients technical expertise and sound business advice oriented specifically to your industry. Our extensive experience with government contract accounting allows us to function as key business advisors to your organization.

Government Accounting Firm: DCAA Compliant CPAs for Contractors | government contracting accounting

We gain an in-depth understanding of your business needs in order to become an integral advisor to your management team, and provide innovative solutions to problems you face in today’s dynamic business environment.

Our government contracting accounting capabilities are further delineated below:

  • Government Contract Accounting Compliance Support – Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs), Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFARs) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circulars
  • DCAA Audit Liaison Services and Resolution of Audit Recommendations
  • Preparation and Participation in Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) Audits
  • Overhead Audits –Government acco contractors are often required to have an overhead rate audit to verify the overhead rate they are entitled to use for billing costs and are subject to state and FARs in determining the amount of reimbursement they are entitled to in a contract.
  • 8(a) Compliance Services
  • Chart of Account Development that Provides the Ability to Segregate Direct Costs for Each Contract and Provides a Logical Accumulation of Overhead, General and Administrative (G&A) Pools
  • Incurred Cost Submission Assistance and Preparation
  • Indirect Cost Modeling – Overhead, G&A, Ceiling Load Factors, Pools and Service Centers
  • Accounting and Billing System Compliance Assistance
  • Outsourced Accounting Services
  • Preparation and Assistance with Writing and Development of Accounting Policies and Procedures – Timekeeping and accounting policies that address government audit agency requirements are important to a company with government contracts. We review these policies and make the recommendations for proper oversight and control of these functions.
  • Assistance with Selection of an Accounting and Contract System
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting Services
  • Pre-Award Accounting System Survey resources available

Experienced Government Contract Accounting Consultants

Our experienced financial professionals offer our clients technical expertise and sound business advice oriented specifically to Government Contractors in the Public Sector. Click here to vist our thought leadership blog where we regularly post articles regarding importation information and legislation happening in the Government Contracting sector.

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