The Strategies That Work recently brought together a panel of experts to discuss how business planning has been affected by the pandemic and what companies can do to stay on track. The Road Map: Valuing and Positioning Your Business for the Next Destination, a virtual event with a three-part panel presentation, featured strategic insight on transforming and transitioning your business and included conversations about COVID-19’s impact on valuations and transactions.

Panel 1: Detours on the Road to Transitions [View Panel] 

  • Drivers behind current activity and emerging trends
  • What’s working: opportunities for growth and tips for mergers and acquisitions
  • How ownership structures have evolved during the pandemic
  • The importance of communication among vendors, employees and customers

Panel 2: Valuation: What Does it Look Like Now? [View Panel] 

  • Foundations of valuation and impact of COVID-19 on those principles
  • Emergence of exit strategies and increased valuations
  • Increasing complexity of transactions given COVID-19
  • Sectors succeeding despite the pandemic

Panel 3: What Do Transactions Look Like with all the Current Detours? [View Panel] 

  • Organizational structures and how they’ve changed
  • Decreased activity around ESOPs
  • Changing exit strategies among family-led businesses
  • Risk allocation in the time of COVID-19

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