Watch KatzAbosch’s Director of Advisory Services, David Witherspoon participated in a Q&A with Larry Wilner with The Strategies That Work on how the pandemic has impacted business valuations.

Table of Contents


 – David T. Witherspoon’s experience


Video 1: Status of Buy/Sell Environment

– How the pandemic has impacted litigation

– Has the pandemic impacted transactions between buyers and sellers


Video 2: Status of Valuations

– The major impacts the pandemic has had on business evaluations

– Foundations of valuation and the impact of COVID-19 on those principles


Video 3: Transitioning in the Current Environment

– Risk allocation in the time of COVID-19

– Changing exit strategies for business and family-led businesses


We hope you find this information of value. Feel free to pass along to colleagues who may be interested. If you would like to learn more about our advisory services for transitioning your business, please visit our website by clicking here or contact David Witherspoon.


David T Witherspoon, MBA, CVA
Director of Advisory Services
P: 443-841-1170

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