The RRL (Request to Report Late) form is now accessible on the HRSA/PRF portal website.  This form is for providers/practices who were required to report during the first reporting period which ended on 11/30/21 for HHS monies received in April, May or June of 2020, but extenuating circumstances prevented them from submitting a report by the required deadline.

Please note that the information on this form must match your original Reporting Portal Entity information as registered in the HRSA Reporting Portal. Your completed PRF RRL Form must be submitted by the submission deadline of 11:59:59 pm EDT on April 22, 2022.  There is a tight 10 day window to get your request in.

Approved providers will receive a notification if their RRL is accepted to proceed with completing the report.  We strongly urge providers to start gathering the required information to report as soon as the request to report late is submitted.  Providers will only have 10 days from the date the notification is received to submit their report in the PRF Reporting Portal, again a very short window of time.  While the forms are not difficult they do require financial information for the period 1/1/2019 – 6/30/21 and employee and patient encounter for the 10 quarters.

Our medical advisory team at KatzAbosch is available to assist practices as they wade through this process to avoid having to return HHS/PRF money received during the early days of COVID-19.

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