As of March 30th 2021, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) has officially started the process to recover payments made to Medicare providers who received funds from CMS’ Accelerated and Advance Payments Program. Your practice’s specific repayment will begin 1 year after you received your first payment and will continue for 17 Months.

(Click here to review our past medicare reminder for further details and a helpful tracking tool)

Providers experiencing financial hardship may be eligible to repay under an “Extended Repayment Schedule” which extends the repayment of debts over the course of 3-5 years depending on hardship severity. If you are currently experiencing financial hardship, please download the FAQ document for more information, by clicking here.

If you have any additional questions regarding the AAP repayment process or the extended repayment schedule, please contact Novitas’ Provider Help Line at 1-855-247-8428. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM ET.

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