When planning and structuring mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, reorganizations or other business transactions, tax considerations are vital. The intricate and evolving U.S. tax code presents many challenges and making specific elections can affect the tax efficiency of an organization.

Our tax planning services related to our clients’ tax strategies include:

  • Estates
  • Gift and charitable donations
  • Covenants not to compete
  • Tax planning
  • S Corp Elections
  • Stock Options
  • Executive Compensation Studies

Tax Valuation Services

Our Tax Valuation Services are designed to support your business through the intricacies of tax regulations, ensuring strategic alignment with your financial objectives. Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and comprehensive approach, we deliver customized solutions tailored to your business’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Comprehensive Tax Law Navigation: Stay ahead of evolving tax laws and regulations with our expert guidance, ensuring your valuations meet current compliance standards while optimizing tax efficiency.
  • Strategic Valuation Solutions:
    • Purchase Price Allocations: Accurately allocate the purchase price in acquisitions to reflect assets and liabilities for tax purposes.
    • Business and Legal Entity Valuation: Valuate entire businesses and specific legal entities for restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions.
    • Estate and Gift Tax Valuations: Ensure IRS compliance for estate and gift tax planning with precise valuations.
    • Tax Restructuring Valuations: Support strategic changes with valuations that facilitate tax restructuring while maintaining compliance.
    • 409A Valuations: Obtain valuations for stock-based compensation under IRC Section 409A, essential for private companies issuing stock options.
    • Cost Segregation Analyses: Maximize depreciation deductions through detailed cost segregation, improving cash flow.

Comprehensive Tax Consulting Services at KatzAbosch

At KatzAbosch, we offer an integrated suite of tax services catering to our clients’ diverse needs. Our approach combines personalized tax planning services, strategic tax strategy consulting, and innovative tax efficiency strategies.

Tax Planning Services: We provide tailored tax planning services to optimize tax savings and minimize liabilities for individuals and businesses, adapting proactively to changes in tax laws.

Tax Strategy Consulting: Aligning with your business and financial goals, we offer strategic advice on various tax matters, crafting customized solutions for different business models and industries.

Tax Efficiency Strategies: Focused on optimizing your tax position, our strategies aim to maximize available tax incentives and reliefs, ensuring sustainable long-term benefits and compliance.

With KatzAbosch, you gain a partner committed to navigating the complexities of tax planning and strategy, ensuring that your financial goals are met with efficiency and expertise.

Why Choose KatAbosch?

KatzAbosch’s Tax-Related Valuations Consulting team has extensive experience working with high-net-worth individuals and companies in various industries. Our comprehensive tax planning services will help preserve and increase your company’s worth and your family’s wealth. We have done considerable work with the following sectors:

Our team of expert tax consultants at KatzAbosch is equipped with the knowledge and experience to guide you through any complexities ensuring that you’re well-positioned for financial success.

Tax‐Related Valuation Services - learn how KatzAbosch can help

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