Ecotone Co-Owners Jim Morris and Scott McGill are featured in this month’s issue of I-95 Business Magazine, a business-to-business magazine dedicated to connecting successful people, ideas, and entrepreneurship in Maryland’s strategic Northeast Corridor.

The article, “In Their Natural Habitat” by Gregory J. Alexander, provides the reader with valuable insight into the company, their services, and the industry. Ecotone delivers design, construction and restoration services, in addition to conservation easement and compliance to landowners. It’s also interesting to read about how they have established their “green” brand first with their people. Ecotone operates out of a historic farm in Forest Hill, MD. In the main structure, 20-25 employees work together in a relaxed environment where McGill and Morris’s dogs run free (employees sometimes bring their dogs to work, too). Employees are able to work in a physical environment that sports a pond with osprey and geese, and barns have been converted into greenhouses that allow Ecotone to grow their own saplings to be used on future projects. Rich Berkey, construction superintendent and ecological restoration specialist at Ecotone, says that by using plants grown in the company’s own greenhouses, the vegetation installers at Ecotone become invested in the plants that they have helped grow.

To read more on Ecotone’s history, how they operate and the comprehensive services they provide, check out the full article here.

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