KatzAbosch’s team of IT and business leaders will work directly with you to optimize your IT operations through four key areas:

Strategic Planning

We work with you to understand your business and goals in order to form a technology strategy that fits your needs today and well into the future.  We start with a needs and gap analysis and work from there to create a technology roadmap that will move your business strategy forward.  We leverage industry best practices around innovative technology solutions, process execution, budgeting and operational efficiency to develop a comprehensive plan. KatzAbosch will also assist businesses with risk analysis, disaster recovery planning and business continuity planning as they mature their IT strategy.


KatzAbosch will help you clarify your security susceptibility with your network and cloud solutions.  Starting with an assessment of your security needs and gaps, our security experts will devise a plan to protect your data.  Security awareness training is an integral part of securing your data as the “human element” is often a company’s weakest security point.  As a result, we include security awareness testing and training as part of our process when working with you. This allows us to capture your organization’s current security culture and improve on it.

Team Building and Training

We are committed to minimizing the gap between senior leadership and technical resources. As you evolve your IT strategy, KatzAbosch can support and cultivate your ideal IT team through offerings such as:

  • CIO outsourcing on a part-time or interim basis
  • Staff augmentation
  • Mentoring
  • Group and one-on-one training
  • Hiring and retention advisory


Executing your IT strategy can be complex, especially given the number and diversity of solutions available to organizations today. KatzAbosch will work with you to plan and execute your IT projects. Based on your needs and budget our experts work with your team from selecting managed services and vendors to procurement assistance for your hardware and software needs.

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