The SALT Shaker: U.S. Supreme Court Hearing – Comptroller vs. Wynne

By: Andy Bareham, CPA, MST

On Wednesday the Supreme Court hearing for the Wynne’s was held. Quick reminder – this case involves offsetting the Maryland Piggyback taxes with taxes paid to other states. This is an interesting case when you look beyond the details. The real issue for the court to decide is which is more important – states’ rights or the Commerce Clause in the Constitution. The decision could have an impact well beyond Maryland taxes.

I read the transcript from the hearing and based on the questions asked by the justices, there seems to be a lean towards the taxpayers. The Maryland Solicitor General represented Maryland; the justices interrupted him many times to challenge what he was saying. Several justices asked pointed questions that seemed to indicate they disagree with the Maryland position, particularly Chief Justice Roberts. The court has until the end of the current term in June to make a decision, so we will not know for sure until then.

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The SALT (State and Local Tax) Shaker is prepared by Andy Bareham, CPA, MST, Chair of the KatzAbosch SALT Group.

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