pServices: A New Online Service for Tax Preparers

The SALT Shaker

The Maryland Comptroller’s Office has announced that the Revenue Administration Division has commenced implementation of “pServices,” which is an online service that provides individual income tax preparers the ability to access various documents and the capability to complete certain tasks on behalf of their clients. Currently, Phase I, which can be accessed through the Comptroller’s website, allows tax preparers to view a client’s Form 1099-G information and taxpayers to view a history of a preparer’s activity in the taxpayer’s account, as well as the capability of granting and revoking access to the taxpayer’s account. Accessing taxpayer information requires the following: (1) a dual validation process that requires the tax preparer to register for website use with a valid preparer tax identification number and provide the federal adjusted gross income from the prior year’s Maryland tax return; (2) the taxpayer is required to log onto the site and authorize the preparer to view the taxpayer’s information; and (3) the preparer is required to provide the taxpayer’s Social Security number and entire last name. In the future, pServices will allow tax preparers to view a taxpayer’s estimated payment history, liability information, and copies of tax returns, and to bulk file extension returns.

You can read more about this new service in the Comptroller’s newsletter at:

Please contact the KatzAbosch SALT Group if you have any questions.

The SALT Shaker is prepared by Andy Bareham, Chair of the KatzAbosch SALT Group

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