KatzAbosch Gets Down to Business, Participates in JA BizTown Program

On May 13th, KatzAbosch managers Timothy Redmond, CPA and Amy Garlitz, CPA participated in the Junior Achievement (JA) “JA BizTown” program, teaching local fourth through sixth-graders about economics. Student’s participated in mock economy exercises in which they each took on a role in a company or the community. Examples of roles students got to play included CEO, CFO, and radio station DJ. Through the buying and selling of their services and products, their goal was to pay back loans they had taken to initially start their businesses.

The “JA BizTown” program is offered through Junior Achievement of Central Maryland. The Owings Mills location hosts a   10,000 square-foot, life-like city, designed to reflect the importance of workplace performance and financial decisions in an authentic economy. Fourth through sixth-grade students must complete weeks of in-classroom coursework before they are eligible for the program. Those selected spend a day at the JA facility to experience what a typical day in the life of an adult may be like. The experience is not only fun for the students, but it inspires teamwork, critical thinking, and decision-making skills.

“It was so much fun to see the students really gain an appreciation for what it means to spend a day in the workforce,” said Timothy Redmond, KatzAbosch manager. “They learned how interconnected the economy really is, and all had to work together to achieve their goal of paying off their loans.”

Amy Garlitz, KatzAbosch manager, also enjoyed her experience at JA BizTown. “It was great to see this program providing such a real life experience,” said Garlitz. “I saw the students communicating their ideas, challenges, and successes, just as they would out in the workforce.”


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