KatzAbosch Debuts New Niche Website for Government Contractors

KatzAbosch is excited to announce a new website dedicated solely to our government contracting niche. The need for an additional site arose when the firm hired Linda Lang as Government Contracting Advisor and our capabilities increased. Now, the firm has value-added expertise in holistic government contract consulting in addition to accounting proficiency. KatzAbosch GovCon can now handle all aspects of higher-level support in contracting with the government. The new website showcases our team, comprehensive list of services, timely alerts, current news and events, industry affiliations and client testimonials.

“There are a lot of exciting things happening at KatzAbosch. The acquisition of a new website dedicated solely to our government contractor friends and clients is a huge differentiator. We now have additional online real estate but also the ability to really hone in on what is essential in government contracting to better address our clients’ motivations and pain points,” says Kelly Ernest, Marketing Manager, at KatzAbosch. “Our firm is unique in that we provide a customized business solution through our vast list of service offerings and specialized expert human capital. I think the website now helps to convey this message. In addition, through our SEO campaigns, we have started to see an uptick in page views and website engagement.”

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