KatzAbosch Client Spotlight on ThermoChem Recovery International, Inc.

Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, ThermoChem Recovery International, Inc. (TRI), among other activities, provides steam-reforming gasification technologies serving as the foundation for state-of-the-art integrated biorefinery facilities, and has most recently been focused on technologies related to the conversion of municipal solid waste into jet and diesel fuels. TRI’s technologies and processes are modified and researched at their pilot plant in Durham, North Carolina, where the Company has been successful in demonstrating its various current capabilities for over 5 years. TRI has been actively building a partnership with Fulcrum Bio Energy in regards to certain U.S. Government programs and U.S. military requirements, and the article linked below highlights the scope of these activities. For more information on TRI, check out their website here.

U.S Navy, DOE, USDA Award $210M for 3 Biorefineries and Mil-spec Fuels


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