IRS Tax Return Filing Delays

Due to congress’s later than last minute decisions in the early hours of 2013, the IRS is still scrambling to adjust tax forms and tax return processing software impacted by the American Taxpayer Relief Act.  This has prevented many taxpayers from filing early, and subsequently receiving refunds early.  January 30th was the day most 1040s could be filed, and as the IRS completes their updates they are releasing new forms.  For example, this week is when 1040 filers using Form 8863 for Education Credits and Form 4562 “Depreciation” can begin filing, and we expect the IRS to release more forms again in upcoming days, allowing more individuals to finally file their tax returns.  Many business owners will still have to wait for some forms, which could be available in the next 1-2 weeks, although the IRS is remaining conservative and stating that the remaining forms will be available within the first week of March.  Here’s the list of forms that have yet to be released:

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