E-Fundraising? Here are Some Tips

The internet provides businesses, especially non-profits, with an excellent way to get their message out – usually at a more affordable rate than traditional marketing methods. However, embarking on an e-fundraising campaign requires preparation and planning, just like planning a mailing or postcard campaign.

Here are a few tips to remember:

An e-fundraising campaign requires just as much effort as a traditional campaign. You need to get the word out to your audience – using electronic and traditional methods – so they know where to go when they want to make a gift or donation.

Relationships are key – do not think that an e-fundraising campaign magically meets with instant success. Your audience requires attention, and reaching out to them creates the lasting relationships that are crucial to raising funds.

Dedicate time to researching a secure system that will provide your audience with an easy way to make a donation – and feel safe when they do it. Check your network to get recommendations, and remember to educate your audience about the safety of the transaction. No one wants to be duped when making a donation.

Going electronic is great, but remember that while many people have a computer, everyone has a mailbox! Simply put, do not abandon your mailing and postcard campaigns. You have successfully trained your audience to expect a donation request in the mail, taking that away could severely impact your campaign.

When you kick off your e-fundraising campaign, you want to educate your audience and explain how they can donate with a few clicks of the mouse. There is nothing wrong with using printed material to announce an e-fundraising campaign, it is an excellent way to get your audience engaged on your website.

Do not forget to remind your audience that making donations via the internet provides an instant receipt for their records. When it comes to reporting donations taken through an e-fundraising campaign, the majority of the normal tax laws are applicable. Check with your CPA to make sure.

E-fundraising can be successful for your non-profit if you take the time to research and plan. Remember that when a person receives an electronic communication, he or she is more likely to act immediately.

The more traditional methods such as a postcard or letter campaign asks the donor to take several steps – filling out a form, writing a check, and mailing it back – that take more time than simply clicking a mouse.

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