Client Spotlight: BridgeEdU Expanding and Showcasing New Website Design

KatzAbosch client, BridgeEDU, has recently updated their website.  BridgeEdU is a unique first year college program that combines core academic courses, real-world internships and service experiences, with the coaching to help students succeed in academics and life. BridgeEdU Scholars will have the opportunity to earn 20+ transferable college credits. Our curriculum focuses on courses necessary for your degree such as writing, communications, and math. Your professional internships will be matched to your interests, and they will be integral to the BridgeEdU experience. Throughout the year, you will work in an environment rich with resources to develop the skills that will lead to timely college completion.

The new website includes a YouTube video, mobile-responsiveness and long-scrolling design where content is more organized and in a much easier format to digest.  BridgeEDU has also created a multi-media blog.  Check the blog out here.

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