Cat Say Bosh

We are proud to announce that we have recently updated our marketing strategy to focus on the ever growing popularity of cats and “catvertising” – the use of cats in advertising.  This new strategy promotes the phrase “cat say bosh” as a mnemonic device for people to remember the firm’s name and how to pronounce it, featuring photos of our accountants’ own cute, cuddly cats seen here:

We have also overhauled ‘Gotta Love Tax Season’ to feature talking animated cats, instead of animated accountants:

Our market research shows that people prefer cats to accountants 1,000 to 1, so we’ve responded in kind.  GEICO has the gecko, Carfax has the car fox, and now KatzAbosch has cats who say bosh!

We hope you enjoy our new feline-focused image!

Oh, and April Fools!

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