Baltimore May Just be the “Edtech Capital of the United States”

Yes, that is an audacious title. But, thankfully, we didn’t write it. Citelighter’s CEO Saad Alam, whom just moved his company to Baltimore from New York, can be credited with the prediction.

Alam was forthright when he claimed that Baltimore could, one day, become the “Edtech capital of the United States.” Moreover, just in the past week edtech company Three Ring joined the growing exodus of companies migrating from the Big Apple to Charm City.

Steve Silvius, cofounder of Three Ring, explains the move: “For an education company like ours, being located at the center of Baltimore’s growing edtech ecosystem connects our team with top-tier collaborators and forward-looking school systems poised to integrate new technologies that help students learn.” Districts such as Baltimore County and City, Howard, Harford and Anne Arundel are already using apps created by Three Ring.

But what is ed-tech? Ed-tech is short for educational technology. Though the majority of U.S. college students may never have heard of it either, rest assured they are already using it every day for their studies. In short, edtech is a placeholder name for the infusion of technology into today’s classrooms—virtual courses, interactive textbooks, educational apps, and so on.

Marylanders are well aware of the strong biotech sector in the state, but not so much when it comes to edtech. Recently, Tim Conneally at Forbes argued that Baltimore’s edtech gravity comes from a lot of places, most notably the no. 2 ranking at Johns Hopkins for education grad school and the no.6 ranking for UMBC’s undergraduate education program. Maryland is also host to 118 Teach for America schools, the Digital Harbor Foundation, the Success For All Foundation, Center for Talented Youth and Laureate Education, to name a few.

Though Alam predicted that Baltimore might just become the edtech capital of the United States, with all the companies flocking to Charm City for its edtech environment, it seems it already is.

Submitted by Mark R. Cissell, CPA, CEO & President

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