KatzAbosch has been serving high-net-worth individuals and families for over 50 years. When retained to advise a Family Office, our approach is to gain an understanding of the complete picture—both individual and family circumstances, goals, and unique concerns.

Our Family Office service team includes certified personal financial specialists, CPAs, and valuation experts. They deliver a full array of services to help manage, create, grow, and protect family wealth.

Our services are flexible and scalable to the needs of each family with whom we work, whether large or small.

Family Office Services - Learn how KatzAbosch can help

We can assist in the following areas:

  • Accounting & Reporting
  • Bill Paying & Budgeting
  • Estate, Gift & Trust Planning
  • Retirement
  • Succession Planning
  • Tax Planning & Compliance
  • Valuations

Our Family Office service team is committed to working closely with a family’s other advisors, including their attorney, investment adviser, and other trusted professionals.  We can also help assemble a team and coordinate efforts within the team.

We pride ourselves on our accessibility, thoroughness, and hands-on involvement to provide meaningful, insightful, and proactive advice.

Family Office Services FAQ’s

What do Family Offices do?

The common tasks that a family office may oversee include:

  • Comprehensive oversight of family assets
  • Contemporaneous recordkeeping of all financial assets
  • Daily management of property and other real asset holdings
  • Preparing financial reports showing:
    • cash flow
    • income
    • gains
    • losses
    • statement of assets and liabilities
  • Coordinating the advice and services received from all of the clients’ other professionals
  • Being responsible for implementation and ongoing management for each matter under the oversight
  • Oversight of
    • philanthropic activities
    • foundations
    • gift trust accounts established

Each family has its own set of unique issues, and each family wants to delegate some or all of these matters.

What is the benefit of a Family Office?

Living a life with wealth comes with many opportunities and the ability to experience some of the greatest pleasures and passions that the world has to offer. Behind the scenes, however, the financial and administrational challenges faced by high-net-worth families mean that a considerable amount of their time can end up being spent on managing the day-to-day, coordinating a myriad of advisors, and, in many cases, facing inter-generational challenges.

The benefits of working with an outsourced family office services provider include:

  • A plan for your complete financial affairs, including investments, wealth transfers, proactive tax planning, and optimal ownership structures.
  • An approach to risk management, so your family and wealth are protected.
  • Time-saving and complexity management, by having a family office coordinate and oversee all the components of your financial affairs.
  • The cost-saving benefits of outsourcing for specific financial management activities versus creating a single-family office.
  • Coordination of your advisors – including lawyers, accountants, investment and insurance advisors – to ensure that your family’s objectives are met.
  • A strategic approach to family philanthropy.
  • If something happens to your decision-maker, someone knows your family and wealth to manage transitions into future generations.
  • The proactive, personalized, and highly responsive service of an independently-owned, and managed firm.


To learn more about how we can support your Family Office needs, please contact Lori Kirk or Mark Kelly below or Contact Us.

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Mark C. Kelly: Maryland CPA & PFS at KatzAbosch in Bel Air, MD

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